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“Money isn’t everything, but it touches everything….mastering it is essential  to building richer lives, stronger families, and more profitable businesses…”

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Trail blazing financial counselor delivers a message of hope and vision to a world barraged with disjointed, confusing, and dangerous financial half-truths.

Too important to be boring. That’s the conviction of Author, Storyteller, Humorist, Counselor and Personal Finance Expert, Frank Molinar. On a mission to clear the financial clutter and chaos that handicaps American households, Frank challenges conventional wisdom to awaken a fresh understanding of the real potential lying within each of us. Backed by decades in business, thousands of hours of 1:1 counseling, and his own personal fiscal cliffs, he connects, engages, educates and inspires audiences of all demographics.  


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Your battle plan for a richer life. Get tracking with the most engaging personal finance training ever developed for the Military and those who appreciate them. 

Available January 4, 2022.

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Quantify the costs of employee’s financial stress on your company, then get ready to improve the bottom line!

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It's not a game plan, it's a battle plan - because this ain't a game and you do not want to lose this fight!